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Textiles should be considered as archaeological and anthropological objects in their own right. They are likely to provide a great deal of information based on their context of discovery and state of preservation, and should be treated with care like any other artifact.

Although the study of textiles in archaeology is still little known, this discipline is developing: the number of researchers and studies has increased in recent years. Archaeologists are increasingly informed about the possibility of finding organic during archaeological excavations/boreholes and the potential data obtained. The discovery of textiles during excavations/ boreholes then requires the use of specialists for their study. The same applies to textiles from anthropological contexts.

The association MOIRES is composed of archaeologists and anthropologists specialists of various periods. The members of the office of the association MOIRES regularly carry out studies of textiles from archaeological and anthropological contexts. For example, members of the bureau can study your artifacts or put you in touch with other specialists in organic materials.